“While practising Yoga do not kill the instinct of the body for the glory of the pose. Do not look at your body like a stranger, but adopt a friendly attitude towards it. Watch it, listen to it, observe its needs, its requests and even have fun. ”             Vanda Scaravelli


I left my first Yoga class feeling more alive and happy to inhabit my body and mind. This was something I hadn’t felt in a long time. I returned to the practice the next day and have continued to come home to myself through Yoga ever since. The practice of Yoga is a process of continually learning how to peel away the armour of our bodily and mental conditioning, it gives us the possibility to free ourselves of physical and emotional holding, as we observe our habits of thought and our bodily patterning we can find an inner stability and strength.

My classes are influenced by the Various teachers I have studied with over the years. I started teaching in Prague in 2006 after completing my Flow Yoga teacher training with Monica Angelucci founder of Prague Yoga. That same summer I met Vanda Scaravelli inspired teacher Paddy McGrath (dancing spine yoga). Paddy’s playful approach to Yoga made a deep impression on me. I continue to study with Paddy and she has led to me some of her teachers more recently Angela Farmer.

I’ve also studied traditional forms of Yoga with Acharya and Acharye Venkatesh Mysore India, and Chandra Om USA, who impressed upon me the importance of ethics in the tradition and how a Yoga can be a simple practice done with full awareness. I owe my interest in the Chakras to my studies with Anodea Judith who has woven Western psychology and this Eastern System together. I often use the Chakra sytem to help navigate through the relationship between the physical emotional and mental body.

Meditation has always been part of my practice. In the tradition of Yoga the body and mind are not seen as separate, Yoga being a contemplative practice as much as a movement Practice. Over the years I have studied meditation in the Zen and Theravada traditions as well as the Yoga tradition.

I hope to offer you a practice that encourages you to learn from your experience of Yoga and trust in your body/mind’s innate wisdom. As each body and mind is Unique our relationship to the practice will also be unique. as I continue to learn from my own practice and students I believe that ultimately as we practice and and share that experience we are contributing to the evolution of this great tradition of Yoga.

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